borrowed words

February 15, 2007

The letters:




The punctuation:



February 15, 2007

Aren’t depressing poems good for bad moods?

Clouds have shifted. The sun is back in its chandelier and the seven dwarves are singing, for no explicable reason, about raisons. Or was it rainbows? If anyone heard them, can you link me to the bootleg version?

I have sustained somewhere over a hundred and seventy hits today, silent love pats, it is true, but I am hoping for a little more gentle commitment (and less domestic violence). We should try a game now, but if you decide not to participate we shall say no more of it. I have no desire to beg, reason with or cajole you. I do not need you, and you will never cause me to surrender my dignity to you. Always remember this, or feel free draw your own conclusions.

I have a competition for you.

Post in this page’s comment box single paragraph musings on the theme of your choosing; they can be poems, prose, er… pictures drawn with letters and numbers? The choice has literally ended. Now here is the incredible part: (be careful not to spill your white lotus tonic on the kaftan, this may strike you as audacious)

I will remove all punctuation from your pieces. I will also steal some of the letters. Don’t worry, I won’t do away with them. I will keep them on display in the post directly above this post, so you can see that I haven’t sold them to Russian gangsters. After I have gathered a decent number of entries, and the slurry has slunk back into the ether, I will return the letters first to the winning entrant, and then to the rest of the combatants.

The winning entry will also get its own picture, and will stay here for as long as this blog and it’s 50mb capacity endure (meaning eventually I’ll runout of space and it’ll get archived in some orbiting mainframe).

I will be marking the pieces on the evidence of their possessing qualities discussed in topics we have recently covered:

33% of your marks will be awarded for moxie.

33% of your marks will be awarded for languid exoticism.

33% of your marks will be awarded for the cunning use of pseudo-phrases.

I realise I have set you a challenge worthy of disregarding, but remember that if you do not join me there will come a time, perhaps many years from now, you sat at home eating corndogs as mushrooms tower glowingly over your humble farmstead and the sky picks at its itches, when you will sigh darn it, I said darn it, I could have won those letters back. And those juicy full stops.