My name is Alex Williams and I’m a twenty-eight year old writer.

If you are interested in publishing my work, thus making my life even more exciting than it already is, please leave an email address and I’ll contact you. Apparently one gets spammed to death if one puts email addresses on blogs, so I’ll delete it from the post as soon as I have it. I also perform my work, by the way, being initially trained as an actor, so gig offers are welcome too.



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  1. no! no! My name is Endlessly Red and I am the ghost in every machine apart from lawn mowers, which have had a bad sci-fi film devoted to them already.


  2. dream listener said

    this is going to seem like an odd thing to say,
    and i hope you accept it as a compliment…

    but do you make an image of the person who’s blog you are reading? i had an image of you, based exclusively upon your writing, that i want to share with you.

    first, i thought you were a published poet with many, many, many books to your credit, (this was due to the depth and maturity i see in both your imagery and in your craft) and

    second, i thought you had grown somewhat weary with the loss of directness of an audience and so had decided to buck the system and share your works for free under a different untraceable name.(cuz you were already rich enough from the royalties of your sales you no longer needed the income from publishing)

    so,…i am sure your works will be published by a highly respectable editor very soon (if they are not already…) i really think you are an amazing poet. so when your books, or your tours come out, you must let your blog fans know so we can buy the books, and hear you read.

    p.s. you can erase this if you want, i know it sounds kinda weird…and maybe this page should be kept for that highly respected publisher type.

    p.p.s. my grandfathers name was alex, and he too came from england.

  3. I’m really not that good. Seriously. I know I’m not awful either, but I’m definitely still learning and I haven’t read nearly enough either. There’s stuff out there that I know is much stronger than what I’m doing, more original, subtler, more coherent. I’m fairly aware of where my level of writing is at I think, and while I do suspect I’ve got potential, there’s still a lot of work to do. I’m not unpublished, I’ve got a poem in print at the Eleventh Muse journal in the U.S.A., and it’s a reputable one. I hope for more; who knows, maybe someone will see this site 😉 .

    I do plan to enter a few poetry prizes this year and I’m currently checking out the grants and submissions scene. I’m not the most proactive of persons when it comes to getting my work published and must plan to do more in future, but at the same time I’ve seen the last few years as a learning experience – it’s only in the last maybe three or four years that I’ve taken writing seriously enough to put time into learning it as a skill. But seriously, there are a lot of wonderful writers out there. I can’t move for stumbling over wonderful poetry, it’s everywhere. Or it would seem to be if there wasn’t even more slightly less wonderful stuff out there. This is a competitive field and the rewards are slight. Some have said that the competitiveness of poets increases as the rewards get smaller…

    Still thanks a lot for the compliment, it’s gratefully received. If people are actually reading my stuff and enjoying it on here, that’s pretty cool. I sometimes think good readers are as valuable as good poets, if not more so.

    Thanks again dreamlistener 🙂 .

  4. well,
    i re-read only your first page
    planning to think/watch myself observing, judging your self-appraisal
    and see if i can see what you are seeing
    and sad/glad to say
    i do stand by my proclamation.
    you is damm good.
    not to say that i am a poetry expert…not by a long stretch, but i have studied a bit, have gone to numerous poetry readings, have bought and yes, actually read, and yes actually liked contemporary poetry. i ask you to re-read let’s say “conducted” (one of my favorites). as if you are not you.
    and you too might predict that this poet has that “something” that draws you to read, to return to read more. and then again more. because this poet’s voice is worth listening to.

  5. I like ‘conducted’ too, but it’s not terribly original. There are a lot of poems like that. We’ll have to agree to differ, I guess, but thanks for the vote of confidence though, it’s much appreciated.

    I guess what I’m partly saying is that I know I’m still finding my voice as a poet, and enjoying doing that, but I’ve got a way to go before I feel entirely satisfied with what I’m making, and that’s the important bit for me. I think I’m getting closer though; this blog’s helped me get into writing too (knowing one will be read even by a few people helps).

    Thanks again dreamlistener, like I say, if people are enjoying my stuff that’s a very good sign.

  6. “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

    hehe just kidding endlessly, you’re all the messiah i’d ever want or need, since messiahs can get annoying after a while. You musn’t be a humblebum all the time though, you are good…

  7. Thankyou peterandthehare. My intention is to be neither Messiah nor humblebum, just a poet. I’m trying to write as well as I can, and that involves a dose of realism I guess. Don’t think I’m saying I don’t like my work, I’m not, just that I know enough to know it can improve.

    But again, compliments are all welcome 😉 .

  8. Dave Bonta said

    “I’m fairly aware of where my level of writing is at I think, and while I do suspect I’ve got potential, there’s still a lot of work to do.”
    The very fact that you recognize this and can state it so matter-of-factly says to me that you are well into the journeyman stage. (Which is a good stage to remain at, if you ask me – who wants the burden of being thought of as a master? Besides, I think Sunryu Suzuki’s oft-quoted statement about beginner’s mind has it right: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” But it takes time to learn that kind of humility, doesn’t it? A lot of beginning poets are convinced that every one of their efforts is a master work.)

  9. ‘who wants the burden of being thought of as a master?’

    I want to make things as wonderful and possibly as useful as I am capable of making them. I think it’s good to work with that motivation and try to ignore the status craving side of things, though that can be a factor too.

  10. Scavella said

    I need to send you something. Do you have any active accounts at PFFA? If so, PM me.

  11. Dave Bonta said

    Hey man, submissions are open at qarrtsiluni. Send us something!

  12. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll see if I can come up with something.

  13. Hi Alex, I miss reading you on WordPress. Have you moved somewhere else on the net? I have begun to write lately myself, partially inspired by your work. Could you drop by my blog at ?

  14. rick mobbs said

    I like your work. Please consider writing something for the thursday image prompt at my place.

  15. As some of the commenters above have mentioned, I can only suggest you stop blogging your poems and start submitting. You may need to do some editing here and there, but there’s enough precise imagery and deployment of craft on display here to make your work publishable (really, are you so lazy regarding submitting?).

  16. Paul said

    Ah, an actor too. That is apparent in the clarity of tone in your poetry. Have you a podcast of you reading your work anywhere? I grew up as an actor being plonked on the stage by my parents but in my late teens became too selfconscious so put that energy into writing instead. I recommend free Audacity software and Podbean hosting for podcasting. By the way, t’was the wicked Hare sent me your way while Peter wasn’t looking.

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