lone moon

June 17, 2008

Lone moon ripe as belly
split birth your cicadas,
come rain down the night
sweet silver nectars.
Come glisten the rivers
lone moon ripe as belly;
split birth your cicadas,
come drink the mystery
will rest in their humming.


6 Responses to “lone moon”

  1. You posted this on the same day that another friend of mine posted a moon poem!


    Yours is intriguing because the words seem to call out to be re-ordered, so it’s got that “out of chaos” religious connotation. I love it!

  2. c said

    i agree with Windmills.
    The order of your words creates a sacredness:

    “split birth your cicadas”- best line i’ve read for a long time.

  3. Thanks a lot guys. I wrote this after seeing a cicada moult http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada . Here it is if you’re interested. I find the sound they make quite entrancing.

  4. I love the sounds of cicadas too! This is a wonderfully atmospheric poem, entrancing

  5. peaceful, primal, and instinctive, like a lullaby. if it was a colour it would be blue, as a poem like this should be. and, obviously, given the title it has a loneliness to it, but a positive loneliness, those lonely moments where one thinks and observes and thinks “oh! so this is the world.” so thanks. great poem.

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