May 28, 2008

Our sky is not a colour like your sky,
it is more like your blood:

not red, but warm, full,
and dangerous to spill.

There is no death here –
we do not lose what we have made.

Moments do not fade; time is embroidered, not passed;
each instant thrives

and life is a fabric of vines. Love is like weaving,
anger like strangling. Seeing is making –

some say we are tricks of the light
but we can touch minds, angle ourselves and become others.

Each of us has one great heart
that floats ahead of us like smoke.


2 Responses to “angles”

  1. Jacqueline said

    What a cozy site you have. You paint beautiful imagery especially in the last stanza.

  2. Thankyou Jacqueline, yes that’s my favourite image too.

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