July 21, 2007

A girl grows from silver seed
in his mouth like milkweed
from his crown like antelope horns

and lovemake like soma. Is he her way
from the mirror? A knight shedding armor
and shining? Will they fall in love and swim?

Or does she care for the armor that drowns him?
Does he caress the tendril that binds her?

Deep is the way from the mirror.
Deeper the way of the water.


3 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. yeah! you are back! and in fine form too.

    there was a woman from somewhere in europe (gee…how precise) who sewed seeds into the lining of her dress, then she sat quietly in a dark room till the seeds sprouted and grew, taking warmth from her body, rather than the earth.

  2. Please stop making comments that are more interesting than the poems, Dreamlistener 😉 .

    Is this a folk tale or is it true?

    So she made herself a garden…

  3. the woman in the seed dress is true…performance art…
    hope u r well..so so hot here!

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