July 25, 2007

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July 25, 2007

Spam poetry anyone?


July 21, 2007

A girl grows from silver seed
in his mouth like milkweed
from his crown like antelope horns

and lovemake like soma. Is he her way
from the mirror? A knight shedding armor
and shining? Will they fall in love and swim?

Or does she care for the armor that drowns him?
Does he caress the tendril that binds her?

Deep is the way from the mirror.
Deeper the way of the water.

Mary to her son

July 21, 2007

Oh Summer King, she says, you grew in the garden
for nine months. My heart’s bass spoke to you
like a father. Now run along and tell them
they must return to him like children.

thin wishes

July 21, 2007

There is nothing here for us
and it looms, so we will starve our shadows
and become beautiful.

We did not ask to be made flesh.
Flesh is always writhing
under its demands.

We shall stay out of the way
and become beautiful, like icons
that can turn and be unseen.

back from the ether

July 21, 2007

I am back, though I may be a mirage that only I can see. I have pinched myself and am still screaming.