the old lady reaches the heavens

March 20, 2007

Tonight, despite the cold
she sleeps in the open
on a hammock whose gaps
frame stars. Traces the arc

of the light between years
it has taken. Like city neons
when you bob your head dancing.
Sparkler trails. The money

was good then. Serve the gin
and tonics, vermouths, camparis,
let the ices match the fizz and float the whiskies
to the smiles. No further.

And then she thinks once a little further,
and of how well he fit the mantle
yet fell. She blinks and it is gone.
Big wide sky out there.

She wonders what she’d say to an alien,
how much more he might have seen
and whether a human could ever catch up.

Her eyelids yaw
then sink. She sees endless crystal
and rooms of lucent satin

rippled and fanned out in spirals
and his body golden like
the opposite of a ghost.


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