strange spheres

March 14, 2007

I greet Brother Sun,
whirl as close as I dare and drink.
I hear a friend from far away,
music in ions like a quasar’s.

She is singing
of the strange spheres that spin,
sometimes in many colours. My father
watched one form:

a song that set. He thinks
the green of another is light clinging,
but it must be odd to live there
like a song embracing a single circle.


2 Responses to “strange spheres”

  1. May I just ask how you put out so many poems so quickly?

  2. I’ve always written quickly, but it’s only since I got the blog that I’ve put the effort in, not that it really is an effort… they just sort of happen. Meditation is cool for writing too, it lets one’s mind be still enough to concentrate on the delicate aspects. Finally, I’m trying to become as good as I possibly can in the hope of getting published and being booked for gigs; I’m recently unemployed and will have to go work in a warehouse soon, so the better I get at art, the more chance I have of not doing that forever.

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