March 11, 2007

It must be time for another post. To be frank, I am a poet at heart, and I’ve been having too much fun writing poems to properly fulfill my blogging duties… anyway, you can all see that what I have mostly been doing is writing poems ๐Ÿ˜‰ . For excellent and original blogging (and wonderful poetry), I do recommend PeterandTheHare, .

But tonight I went dancing, which is another of my passions, and it was so lovely I feel the need to tell you about it. Everyone was pretty; they played Belly’s The Last Splash and I wore my sparkly violet and magenta striped top, which is really a girl’s top but looks gorgeous on me, according to me.

On the way home I sang Alicia Keys, beautifully.




6 Responses to “dancing”

  1. What kind of dancing may I ask?

  2. Um… depends on the music. There’s not really the space to dance well at an indie disco, so mostly I just went floppy and half-shut my eyes. But for the goth songs I curled my fingers like bindweed, and for Suede I tarted about as seductively as I was able.

    It’s not actually that easy to dance to a lot of recent indie. Certain songs seem written specifically for very young and uncoordinated men to jump up and down to with their hands on each other’s shoulders, but they are clearly enjoying themselves so it must be a ‘good thing’.


  3. Isn’t “Last Splash” by The Breeders? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Dance, Dance/Wherever you may be/For I am the Lord of The Dance, said He!”


  4. Well, I’ve never danced to anything indie (except at home). But occasionally, I like to go contra-dancing. It’s a mix between line dancing and the traditional English stuff. It’s beautiful, really. Such lovely violin playing and all. And there are waltzes, too…

  5. peterandthehare, yes it’s by the Breeders, but no one there let me. In addition, that quote you use isn’t actually from one of their songs.

    transwriter: I have never heard of contra-dancing? The name suggests the opposite of dancing… it sounds fun though, I love violins. Is it a new thing?

  6. looking gorgeous, “according to you” is a very good thing. don’t you think vanity is actually a positive sign of a well integrated ego? and i for one, am very glad to hear you possess a “sparkly violet and magenta striped top.” every poet should have at least two versions of these when the dancing mood hits!


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