March 10, 2007

I think it was autumn. What do you say?
You have the clearest eyes.

I know the day was cool, like a tooth
in a parted mouth. You told me

you were sleeping better
now. That you were always sleeping.

Wiped your ash from my coat.
The deer were like leaves, scattered
as you came near. The peacocks
like temperas.

I am leaving for China in the morning.
I kiss my loved ones
before I hurtle over the sea.

So you read your story already
in the book you lent me. I feel you saw

enough. The fuselage is blown glass.
I look down:

you are standing with the herd again
eyes as big as mountains.
All your colours are meeting you at last.


5 Responses to “colours”

  1. it’s still the ninth of march here. and here i was to meet a man who flies in his dreams, except now he is in the hospital because he can’t sleep. are mornings only mornings cuz the sun comes up?

  2. dream listener said

    me again
    i just remembered one image from a dream long ago.
    i put my hand palm down on the surface of the water. colored lights shone out from my finger tips traveling in all directions as far as i could see.

  3. I fly in my dreams sometimes, but I usually forget how. Then I spend the rest of the dream trying to remember the knack. If I realise I’m dreaming I usually try to fly, because it’s so much fun.

    Once I realised I was dreaming and flew over the Spanish countryside, then in the dream I got tired and my dream eyes were forcing closed just as my real eyes were opening and I woke.

    Yes, mornings are only mornings cuz the sun comes up ;-).

  4. By the way, that’s a lovely image from your dream. Your dreams are very poetic – most of mine are much lumpier and less interesting than yours.

  5. wow! i just had that experience about one month ago. eyes closing in your dream as your real eyes open. i remember the sensation: i told my partner it was as if my inner eyelids were closing as my outer eyelids were opening. i wonder if you were about to fall because you were so tired from flying. it’s also interesting (if you think about it) that in your dream, when you are sleeping, you have this sensation of feeling tired. i hardly ever, ever fly in my dreams.
    i think my dreams are pretty normal, i just seem to remember them more vividly than some people
    and besides you are already an amazing poet, so maybe your dreams seem banal in relation to your thoughts/feelings of what is going on around you.

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