last night on Paxos

March 7, 2007

You are leaving in the morning
back to the mainland, like two jewels
on loan for a pageant.

I sit with Mikey, all angles and silver,
handsome face stretched over a hundred countries.
A car pulls up. You say you couldn’t leave us yet.

We have the same star signs. The sky is so full
that it leans, wish-heavy, into a curve of bay.
Your hair the folds of a rose.

Our friends have slipped snug inside our shadows
now it’s just you and I like sapphires
stealing the last precious moments of sky.


2 Responses to “last night on Paxos”

  1. JLB said

    This is beautiful. I especially like the description of the “wish-heavy” sky–it paints some beautiful pictures.

  2. I worried it might be a bit cliched, but hoped the image was worth the risk. Thanks for the compliment, JLB.

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