scattering ashes

March 6, 2007

The lake
high on Cader Idris
is a sky you could dive into.

Wet ground gives gently, hair and skin underfoot,
waterfalls juice from a great clear fruit. A salmon
leaps like joy. The mountain is eating my father.


4 Responses to “scattering ashes”

  1. haijin said

    Poet or madman?

  2. Um, not very mad, so must be poet. This is about scattering my father’s ashes. Maybe a blog’s not the best place for it.

  3. haijin said

    I am sorry. I was referring to Cader Idres. There is an old legend that says if you fall asleep on top of it you will wake up either a poet or a madman. I must have read something into it that was not intended. Please accept my apology.

  4. No apology needed 🙂 . I didn’t fall asleep though, so I’ll probably still have to study hard for either post.

    It is a gorgeous place though. I think I’ll read up on that legend – as a poet I’m growing more and more conscious of the need for research, because associations you weren’t aware of can change the whole poem.

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