March 3, 2007

The shadow is as soft as an eraser.
Sweet, sharp scent in the air: moonfruit?
Something to grasp. I wait inside for the red

tinge to paint the circle. I will write it then.
I am reading about Roosevelt, his speech
after Pearl Harbour. I wonder

how many divers got rich there, and think of names
that get erased, yet keep their shapes.
Roosevelt is hiding, but I will find him:

Dutch origin, Of the rose field. Outside
the pearl dyes to petal in shadow.


3 Responses to “eclipse”

  1. Great poem. lovely, subtle eyelash strokes.

  2. dream listener said

    i, just now, got such a happy feeling cuz you wrote about the eclipse.

    names that get erased but keep their shapes.

    bodies that get lost but keep their breath.

    one eclipses the other and loses

    the interval needed to consume.

  3. Thankyou Peter; I decided to go with your advice: you were clearly right and I see it now.

    Thankyou dream listener. I’m glad I made you feel happy, and your poem is cool. I am trying for eclipse myself tonight… though maybe I am asleep and swimming in your dream logic.

    Speak soon.


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