the leader of the mythical creatures pix

March 1, 2007

That is a search engine request that someone used to get to my blog.

And this is exactly how I wish people to search for me. I am the leader of the mythical creatures pix. I am as fey as a boy can be. I said fey.

Hey, remember when that fairy in Midsummer Night’s Dream recognises Puck and goes on admiringly about all the really cool japes he plays on hardworking housewives and tailors? Well, is it just me, or are none of the jokes he plays on people actually funny?

The wisest aunt, telling the saddest tale,
Sometime for three-foot stool mistaketh me;
Then slip I from her bum, down topples she,’

So this well respected woman, wise woman even, is telling a sad story, the sort that lets us see ourselves reflected in the characters and speaks to our deeper nature, to our compassion, lets us know that we’re all the same underneath and it’s all about sharing and helping one another through life, and what does this ‘merry wanderer of the night’ do? He pretends to be a stool and then, rather creepily ‘slips down from her bum’ and she falls. Well, do you know what happens then, while that ‘shrewd and knavish idiot sprite’ is frollicking through cornfields and dangling from spider’s webs giggling, or whatever transparently affected prattery he goes through to celebrate, do you know what I think happens?

I think the wise aunt smiles wryly at the surrounding company, who barely bat an eyelid between them; she then pulls the real stool from under the occasional table and finishes her moving account of everyday folk struggling to live and remain human in the face of a demanding, sometimes even callous world.

Later, she sets snares.



2 Responses to “the leader of the mythical creatures pix”

  1. ahh, you are ‘puckish’ endlessly !!

  2. I actually have a poem that’ll tell you exactly what kind of elf I am… at present it is still being tweaked, like elven ears.

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