March 1, 2007

Fruit fish fall. Shower come
fir cone down, round,
blue and two talking;

walk with me. Walk with me.
I’ll be your hand, eye, unlidded, never sleepy;
the stairs are a gown, our bodies

z shaped, paper slide, glide. Create us
and fluff the bed we said. Sent us
swimming. Love coloured stuff

you and the birds in your mouth
pluming out like tails of water.
Fish grinning like a hundred paints.


2 Responses to “lovers”

  1. Hey-this is beautiful. I don’t know where to start-it’s like the beginning of Finnegans Wake. “fruit fish fall’ ‘love coloured stuff’ these groupings of three, scattered thorughout the piece really mesmorise…and there are some truly rythmic lines: ‘you and the birds in your mouth’. The whole thing seems quite experimental and well worth that extra push.

  2. Thanks 🙂 . It was a bit of a holiday to write in a way – internal rhyme is so much fun…

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