February 16, 2007

For some reason known only to wikipedia’s random page generator, I ended up reading about professional wrestling the other day. This, as we all know, is the sport that both launches musclebound performers into hollywood stardom and conversely acts as a new lease of life for retired sportsmen and stuntmen. What I didn’t know was that it has its own fairly extensive vocabulary:

These definitions were taken from wikipedia:

André shot, a filming technique used to emphasize or exaggerate the height of wrestlers, either by shooting them with an upward perspective, filming them interacting with someone of average or below-average height, or having one of the participants stand somewhere elevated. This principle is also utilized by using referees who are shorter than the average adult male to enhance the heights of the wrestlers involved in the match. It is named after André the Giant, who often stood on objects during studio interviews to exaggerate his already above-average height.

Cheap pop, when a wrestler (often a face) incites a positive crowd reaction by “kissing up” to the crowd (for example, mentioning the name of the city, or complimenting a local sports team).

Circus, derogatory reference to a promotion’s extensive use of cartoon-type gimmicks. Often used in reference to the World Wrestling Federation during the 1980s and early 1990s, due to gimmicks such as clowns, animal mascots and wrestlers adopting animal-like characteristics.

Flub coverup, when a poorly executed maneuver is called a “variation” or “modified” by the announce team.

No-sell, giving no reaction to another wrestler’s offense or moves.

Hulking Up, when a wrestler begins to come back in a match by no-selling a wrestler’s moves and fights back. Named for Hulk Hogan, who did this in many of his matches in America.

Moondogs, cutoff blue jeans with heavily frayed ends. This term refers to the ring gear worn by the Moondogs tag team.

Vanilla Midget, a term used to describe a short, boring wrestler. Kevin Nash gained infamy with the Internet wrestling community for calling Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and several other wrestlers this when he was a booker for WCW.

Sandbag, to not cooperate with a throw and acts as dead weight. This makes the moves the wrestler is attempting much harder, if not impossible to pull off. It’s usually done in protest to something the wrestler giving the move has done in the match, such as not protecting his/her opponent or working stiff.

Seven Year Rule the statute of limitations before a finished angle, gimmick, or storyline can be used again without being criticized for re-hashing storylines. This phrase was coined by accomplished manager and promoter Jim Cornette.

Máscara, a Mexican masked wrestler (from the Spanish word for mask)

Daydreaming, a term used to refer to someone lying down for the pin.

Canned Heat, when cheers or boos are pumped into an arena via the sound system or added to a television show in post-production. It is also known as “sweetening the crowd”.

Plenty more in the article, but what wondrous words, eh? I suspect that humanity will never discover them all.


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