February 16, 2007

I miss my cat. Cats are wonderful and especially well wrought creatures. Even their lips look like the little black seams of rubber on some extraordinarily advanced sports-car. If your cat is black of course, which mine once was. Not that I am trying to imply he had a midlife crisis and bleached himself before buying a surfboard and sunglasses. That is not typical cat behavior.

But the best thing about cats is that they don’t always come when they’re called – the reason this is a feature rather than a failing is simple: when they do come, one knows that they were willing, one knows that the cat had a choice. Dogs, however, will always come, because they always need people. This makes me wonder about their self-esteem.

There is actually a great story by E. Nesbitt about how cats are in fact domesticated dragons, and the narrator warns that should one ever neglect to feed one’s cat, so that it is forced to hunt for birds and beetles and voles and mice, it may grow scalier and more ferocious. With that in mind, please keep kitty well fed, or the bird-flu scares will start to look like warnings about falling sycamore leaves.



4 Responses to “cats”

  1. “warnings about falling sycamore leaves.”

    you hear them a lot at train stations.

    Cats our beautiful, and occasionally invisable.

    A friend of mine was recently informed, by way of a dream, that a cat can also be a sock, and vice-versa.

    One can only assume that dogs are slippers.

  2. Well, cats are certainly more sure footed, and it is easier to balance in socks than in any other type of footwear. I have never actually seen a dog slip, but they do tend to be conservative in their choice of acrobatic feats.

  3. in truth,
    dogs do not always come when they are called

  4. I see. Cats are still better 😉 .

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