February 11, 2007

Take the frozen tears of a plague angel
and melt them slowly into chocolate.
Taking care not to let the mixture curdle
you must stir gently but firmly
with the tail of a winged serpent
(here’s one I stunned earlier). Then

mix the blood of a harpy
with flour made from pixie dust
till you have achieved the consistency
of manna – don’t let it clot because
it will stiffen and crack
into fragments as black as

Azrael’s cloak, which should be used
to strain the chocolate tears
till you have a thin liquid
like negation ink, but sweet
as the mouth of Venus
(from which you will take saliva

for wine), now fashion the dough
into delicate shapes like
the soughs of autumn winds

when they whisper of turning
through the colours of leaves.

Bake in love’s oven

then coat with the sad
dark icing

and serve.


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